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Stepping It Up ForThe Cattle Industry

We are a family owned and operated cattle business located in Western Nebraska.  We specialize in offering high quality Yearling Red Angus Bulls and Yearling Charolais Bulls for sale every year in our Annual Bull Sale in April.  


Staircase Charolais & Red Angus 2023 Bull Sale
Charolais bull, Charolais cattle at Staircase Charolais & Red Angus

Our goal is to produce seedstock cattle that are balanced in all traits.  It isn't just about the numbers, it's about creating cattle that can actually do it all.  This includes calving ease, udder quality, mothering ability, calf vigor, hardiness, disposition, fertility, efficiency, carcass merit, fleshing ability, structural soundness, phenotype, and longevity, just to name a few.



Cattle that are balanced across the board have the ability to perform well at everything they are meant to do, and do it consistently every time.  They tend to stay in the herd longer and outperform those that are bred only for specific traits, but are lacking in others.  They are more likely to be low-maintenance, problem free cattle.

Red Angus Cow & Calf at Staircase Charolais & Red Angus
Red Angus Cow & Calf in blizzard at Staircase Charolais & Red Angus

Practical Cattle...

We breed our cattle this way so they are functional, efficient, productive, and practical.  We cull meticulously and set the bar high to create outstanding Red Angus and Charolais genetics that will excel for every step of the cattle industry!

Learn more about our program

Check out our Sale Bulls & put Staircase Charolais & Red Angus genetics to work for your herd!  Call, text or contact us anytime if you have any questions about the cattle or would like to come visit the ranch! 

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Charolais cow herd at Staircase Charolais & Red Angus bulls

Charolais Females

Red Angus Cows drinking at Staircase Charolais & Red Angus

Red Angus Females

Charolais Red Angus Cross calves for sale

Feeder Cattle

Beef for sale at Staircase Charolais & Red Angus

Beef for Sale

Charolais bulls for sale

Charolais Bulls For Sale

Red Angus Bulls For Sale

Red Angus Bulls For Sale

Charolais bull

Charolais Sires

Red Angus Bull

Red Angus Sires

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