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Whitewashed Wood

Charolais Herd Sires

Eatons Oaklee 70195

A lot of growth and carcass in this bull.  Very gentle disposition that passes on to his sons & daughters.  His sons are performing extremely well on commercial cows. Females out of him have good udder structure & phenotype, and raise big calves.

Whitewashed Wood


Tank son purchased from Debruycker Charolais in their spring 2022 sale.  Very thick, deep bodied, easy fleshing bull. He came with a moderate birth weight and posted big performance data.

Birth weight: 90

205 ADJ: 831 Index: 130

ADG 4.32 Index 121 

Scrotal 40cm

Whitewashed Wood
Cross Gridmake 8366 Charolais herd sire at Staircase Red Angus & Charolais bulls

Cross Gridmaker 8366

High performing and very fertile son of M6 Gridmaker 104 PET.   He passes on a lot of style and growth in his calves.

Whitewashed Wood
HC Pendleton 2243 Charolais Herd Sire at Staircase Charolais & Red Angus Bulls

HC Pendleton 2243

Cross Ledger 5390 PLD Herd Sire at Staircase Charolais & Red Angus bulls

Cross Ledger 5390 PLD

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